2019 Leo Alumni Association Raffle

The Leo Alumni Association 4th Annual $100.00 Raffle is back.

Last year’s raffle was so popular that the Alumni Association has decided to do it again.  Everyone likes the fact that we sell only 300 tickets, and with 7 prizes, the odds of a success are, pretty good.  If you buy an additional ticket, the odds are even better.  The raffle is held annually at the Alumni Banquet, which this year, is being held on Friday, April 26. Tickets for the raffle are no longer available online, however tickets will be available at the 64th Annual Leo Alumni Banquet which is being held at the Chateau Del Mar (Hickory Hills Country Club) in Hickory Hills, Illinois on April 26th.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the banquet and we do hope you will bring along some extra money to purchase a $100 raffle ticket. The tickets support the major Alumni Association Fundraiser, and as we know, its a great school!

We are looking forward to seeing you there.


  1. michael granfield says

    I bought 5 Raffle tickets but myr ecept indicated it was for the 2018 Raffle ??? Not the 2019 Raffle -what should I do

  2. Hi Mike,

    We are in the process of fixing the letter now. We lost an experienced secretary and doing some catch up. Thanks for the purchase and for letting us know the problem.

    Leo alumni Association

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