Gerald Schmitt ’58

Interviewed and Written by Patrick Mc Gavin 7/09 GERALD SCHMITT '58 Sports are the great meritocracy of American life. They require no credentials, qualifications, preapproval or particular social standing. They just are. Regardless of the game, the sport, the competition, sport is the means by … [Read more...]

Donald Hogan ’45

Interviewed and Written by Patrick Mc Gavin 5/09, Edited by Larry Lynch '75 DONALD HOGAN '45 The great American playwright Eugene O'Neill famously said about the Irish, they have no present or future. Their lives exist in a continuous, overlapping "past," that remains suspended over their lives. … [Read more...]

Thomas O’Malley ’57

Interviewed and Written by Patrick Mc Gavin 5/09, Edited by Larry Lynch '75  THOMAS O'MALLEY '57 The 19th century Irish illustrator Henry Doyle (1827-92) created designs that sharply evoked the national mood and daily activity of Ireland. The wanderer is central to that myth. The sense of escape … [Read more...]

Charise Angone (Daughter, Conrad Angone ’57) Best Visual Effects BAFTA and OSCAR 2008

Charise Angone, Visual Effects Coordinator for the film "The Golden Compass" which won for Best Visual Effects ar the British Academy Awards (BAFTA) and the Motion Pictures Academy Awards (OSCAR) 2008. When asked what she thought of THE OSCAR, she said it was “heavy”. (she didn’t make it clear if … [Read more...]

Bill Koloseike ’45

Bill Koloseike ‘45 2008 issue of Chicago province Jesuit Publication “Partners”  Bill is not only a generous financial donor to Jesuit causes, but to quote him “I don’t just want to write checks, I want to do something - I want to be a part of it.” Bill is helping build a school in Kibera, … [Read more...]

Donald Broderick ’43

Donald Broderick ‘43 -rip 2008- Donald Broderick came from St. Leo Parish attended St. Leo Grammar School and came to leo High School in the Fall of 1939 as a member of the Class of 1943. On March 22, 1941 in the Daily News relays at the International Amphitheatre Leo High School relay team of … [Read more...]


JACK HOWARD SCHOLARSHIP UPDATE FALL 2008 Rich Furlong recently went to Leo High School and presented President Bob Foster with a check for one full years scholarship.  this memorial fund was established to honor our great friend and president Jack Howard.  bob has named this years recipient and he … [Read more...]

Benjamin DeBerry ’64

Interviewed and Written by Patrick Mc Gavin 8/08, Edited by Larry Lynch '75 BENJAMIN DEBERRY '64 The French existentialist Albert Camus famously said in order to exist, man must rebel. The act of rebellion takes many forms, styles and iterations: against church, state, or man’s inhumanity. The … [Read more...]

Maurice Leahy ’45

Interviewed and Written by Patrick Mc Gavin 8/08, Edited by Larry Lynch '75 FATHER MAURICE LEAHY '45 The great transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson famously observed that things are in the saddle and ride mankind. The nature of most people’s experiences is to read it, see it, learn about it, and … [Read more...]

Jim Furlong Guest Speaker at Gaelic Park 2008

Jim Furlong ‘65 Leo Man Guest Speaker at Gaelic Park Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 2008 ON MEMORIAL DAY, Monday, May 26, 2008, Jim Furlong ‘65 was asked to speak at the memorial Day Ceremonies at Gaelic Park.  Jim was an appropriate choice as he is a Vietnam War Hero.  He received the … [Read more...]