From the President

Larry Lynch


From the President

Fellow Leo Alumni,

Summer is over and another Alumni year comes to a close.

The Annual Banquet was held at our new venue, Chateau Del Mar in Hickory Hills. The Banquet honoring the classes of 1966 and 1991 was a great success with a full house in attendance. Next year’s banquet will be held at Chateau Del Mar in Hickory Hills. Our annual Bourke/Mahoney Golf Outing held at Glen Eagles Golf Course was again, the envy of the Catholic League. We had 300 golfers and lunch attendees. The Alumni picnic held at Dan Ryan Woods and hosted by the class of 96’ was a great success. The weather cooperated and everyone had a wonderful time. There are some great photos of these events in the newsletter and on the web site, We also post dates for our meetings and events on this website. Leo, with the leadership of Dan McGrath and first year Principle Shaka Rawls (Class of 1993) is off to a great start. I’m happy to report attendance is up with an excellent group of young Leo Men enrolled at the school. They all are eager to learn and become a part of Leo by participating in extracurricular clubs and sports. The football and cross country seasons are under way and the school is teeming with activity. Come out and watch a game or stop by Leo and see what great things are happening there. On a bright August morning the Alumni were invited to greet an eager and somewhat overwhelmed freshman class on their first day of school. It was amazing to see the expressions on these young Leo Men when they were greeted by a gauntlet of Alumni ranging from the Classes of 1940 to 2000’s. We have another busy alumni year ahead of us in 2017 with the banquet, picnic and golf outing. We are the most active High School Alumni Association in the Chicago area. We show our dedication through our support and participation in Leo Alumni sponsored events to benefit Leo.  Let’s continue that level of support. Remember Deeds not Words is our Credo. It’s been an honor to have served you over the past two years.

Larry Lynch 75

God Bless


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