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  1. Jiminez Allen says:

    Had a late night at work and for some odd reason was thinking about LEO. This site is great and I enjoyed looking through old photos and the good times I had at LEO high school. It just makes me realize how LEO was such a turning point in my life at a very vulnerable time and how it made me who I am today. As I approach my retirement years I constantly wonder how I want to give back to this wonderful organization that mentored my brother and myself into being the fathers, leaders and men we are today.

  2. Anthony K. Reid (Tony Reid) says:

    Hello Dear Leo Brothers!!! This is my first time seeing this site, and as I have been reflecting on my life of 61 years, I am happy to see that there is a Leo alumni association where I can try to find some of my Leo Brothers from our 1973 graduating class. I wish you all well, and if you are ever in the Northern California area, between San Francisco and Carmel, please feel free to contact me on Facebook. Anthony (Tony) Reid

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